Nights Under the Accompaniment: Why Do People Snore

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People spend one third of their life sleeping, but those who live with snorers considerably cut down this number. Snoring is a widespread phenomenon, and it could be observed in one of five people after thirty years old, among them men are predominating. To the age of sixty five snoring occurs in more than fifty percent of population. Most people suffering from this disease are those, who have a sedentary lifestyle and their cardiovascular system circulates blood not fast enough. Snoring doesn’t have negative influence on a person’s health, unless it is accompanied by a respiratory standstill. But still such in fact not dangerous disease very often causes many troubles for people nearby. Constant irritability, nervousness and chronic lack of sleep are not the best presents your family and friends can be rewarded with. So, why do people snore? And what are the ways of escaping from these noisy annoying sounds?

Why Do People Snore: Nights Under the Accompaniment

There are some reasons for people to snore and we will describe them, so that after reading this you can detect what causes snoring in your particular situation.


1. Wrong sleeping position

People, who are sleeping on their back, tend to snore more often than those sleeping on their stomach or side. The reason lies in a wrong and uncomfortable neck position: it is impossible for neck muscles to relax and that creates an obstacle for an air-stream. So, if you want your partner to stop snoring, just try to turn him (or her) on the other side.

2. Excess weight

Probably you observe that people who are overweight have heavy breathing, that’s why it’s not surprising that they are among habitual snorers. The muscles of their neck are too weak, and an adipose tissue at this very area doesn’t let the air go out without hindrance and noise. For those people, who are snoring for this reason, the only way to get rid of it is to reduce their weight. It can be helpful for them to have some physical activity and go on a diet.

3. Allergy

An allergic reaction is what causes snoring as well. It can also create an obstacle and make your breathing hindered. Inflammatory processes in the sinuses of the nose and upper air passages block the normal rhythm of your breathing and evoke snoring. So, at times of seasonal allergy you should be attentive and react quickly to exclude such risks.

4. Medical remedies and alcohol

It can be easily mentioned that almost all drunken people are snoring. The reason for such tendency is relaxation of neck-muscles under the influence of alcohol. Such a process can also be caused by antidepressants and sedatives, so by trying to fall asleep you can prevent your neighbor from that.

5. Smoking

When people smoke their air passages are damaged, that’s why it causes a problem with letting the air stream out. The only possible way of getting rid of snoring in this case is to give up smoking.

6. Violation of regimen

Inobservance of sleep regimen causes snoring and prevents people nearby from healthy and full-fledged sleep. You should take it into consideration while planning your days.

There are many ways of getting rid of this disease, and it depends on the reasons of person’s snoring. Hope, we gave an answer to the question ”Why do people snore?”. According to your own situation, you can choose appropriate treatment: whether it is just a change of lifestyle, hygienic methods (such as airing a room, exclusion of using big pillows) or, in some cases, even surgery. The only thing we know for sure is you should fight with this annoying disease to guarantee a healthy sleep, which means good mood for you and your family.